Four Vines

The Story

At Four Vines we’re wine-loving rebels who seized an opportunity to craft wines that are distinctly unstuffy, characteristically joyous and decidedly American. At the time of our first vintage the wine world was a bonefide Who’s Who of Blah: Tannic Cab, Flabby Merlot, Oaky Chard, Wash, Rinse, Repeat… But while everyone else got stuck in the spin cycle, Four Vines got busy.

The way we saw it, it was a three-step process:

1) Get spectacular fruit.

2) Make incredible wine.

3) Enjoy much-deserved Rock Star status.

Only two of the steps actually mattered, but between all of the refills and autographs it’s hard to remember which two those were.

We found that our friends wanted wines that were more like them: unique, complex and up for anything. That’s why we sought—and found—some of the country’s most stellar Zinfandel vineyards, and transformed the fruit into wines people like us rave about.

We’re all in and all Zin (except for a splash of Chardonnay created specifically to ensure everyone’s invited to the party). With our Truant, Biker, Maverick and Sophisticate Zinfandels, and our silky clean and luscious Naked Chardonnay, we’ve captured the spirit of American wine drinking and bottled it up so you can uncork and explore the phenomenal flavors our greatest wine regions have to offer.

Thanks for dropping by. Stay a while. Open a bottle of Four Vines and get some great info on where we’re from, how we do things and why. We think we’re doing something right. And, by the looks of it, so do you.