Four Vines

The Players

There are three sounds in the world that signal the feeling that something great is about to happen: the roar of a motorcycle engine before a road trip, the beat of your favorite rock anthem and the sound of a cork popping during a gathering of friends.

It’s no coincidence that our wines were given names that reflect the personalities of the wine styles we love and the music we long to hear. Here’s the dirt behind the Zins that make our hearts go zoom.

Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon: The Power Player

The talk among critics, connoisseurs and Cab-lovers is that Paso Robles is the new Cabernet Country. Rolling hills are covered in vines that bask in afternoon sun and chill out when nighttime temperatures drop nearly 40 degrees—one of the widest diurnal temperature swings in any wine region anywhere. This phenomenon sounds extreme, but it’s ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact, Paso’s grapes hang out on the vine for a nice long time, allowing the flavors to reach their full, lush potential. Velvety smooth with superb structure and bursting with juicy berry flavors, our Paso Cab more than lives up to the hype, and it’s destined to become your every-day-is-a-special-occasion wine.

Naked Chardonnay: The Purist

Brisk, refreshing and bold in its rejection of oak, our Naked Chardonnay is the essence of winemaking innovation. A delightful counterpoint to the mouth-filling, magnificent Zins in the Four Vines portfolio, Naked Chardonnay drinks to the ideal of inclusion, and ensures that your party has something for everyone. If the summery flavors inspire you to rock out, then be our guest.

Lodi Old Vine Zin: The Rebel

Crafted from Zinfandel fruit discovered in Paso Robles, Mendocino, Cucamonga Valley, Lodi, Amador and Russian River Valley, Truant blends a rebellious spirit with classic winemaking methods honed for decades. The result is a juicy, spicy, generous wine that’s reason enough for the band to get back together.